Folks I'm ready to retire from Uncle Sam's Air Force. I'm 43, in good shape, despite being a little overweight, but I lift 80lb 10-frame deeps and climb stairs two steps at a time. I got no body parts in pain, no knee or joint problems.

I want to start a new life as a professional beekeeper. I don't want to own my own business yet. I want to manage someone else's bees. I don't care how low the salary is (by the way, what can I expect to earn?).

I don't know how to drive a forklift, or major heavy machinery, so I'd need training there. But I'm on the verge of starting to acquire my master bee keepers certification.

I know New Zeland is looking for beekeepers.

I don't have an impressive resume, been keeping bees since August 2007. But I think I've learned a lot, and there's a passion I've felt doing this, I haven't felt in a long time. I want to work out doors...been working indoors all my 21 years of AF life.

Is there a demand for beekeepers? I think I'm acquiring some good skills, even just a year into it.

Be honest with me, what's my prospects? Would you hire me?