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    Default 'Secondhand' Colony

    We have been considering buying a 'Secondhand' Colony, this is a first year colony.
    We are wondering if we should perhaps locate this colony away from our other two until we can throughly examine it.
    We were told it is healthy (has not been treated or medicated at all)....We are first year beekeepers ourselves so don't really know what to look for besides Varroa in a young colony (from what we have been told Oregon doesn't have a Hive Beetle problem...yet). I do know what a healthy colony 'smells' like...delish!!!!
    The current owner is closing up the hive tonight and we pick up tomorrow.

    Any thoughts?


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    If the hive looks strong, lots of bees and a good brood pattern then it should be fine. Check for EFB and AFB in the brood area. If it looks good and clean then I wouldn't worry about it. You could place it in a spot away from the others to check it out and then move it again in a couple of days. You don't want to stress it too much (taking it apart and multiple moves) in too short a time.

    Good luck.


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