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    Default Identification Of Afb

    I highly suspect that I lost several colonies last Winter to AFB due to having used out-dated Tylosin. Since it was a relatively light case of AFB, relatively few perforated cappings and/or foul odor was evident on most frames. Is there an easy way to determine which of my brood frames are infected - what should I do?? Thank you.

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    what makes you think it is american foul brood?

    the roapy test of larvae with a toothpick use to be one field test for afb.

    what to do would depend on state and legal requirements. some states say you can treat and some require you to burn equipment with afb.

    if the hive was here? I would treat with terramycin (not tylosin) and at the earliest opportunity requeen.

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    First of all, send a sample off to the Beltsville lab to verify AFB and also test for resistence to Terramycin. If the AFB is resistant, I'd burn it all.

    If one frame in a hive has AFB in it, then its likely that AFB spores are present in all of it.
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