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    Default Capping wax prices?

    I have some beautiful lemon-yellow wax from the cappings of honey extracted in July and a friend of my daughter's wants to buy about a pound for use in soap she makes. What is a fair price? (I haven't a clue and couldn't find anything with the search feature).



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    I've researched it and it varies between $3 to $5 a lb. I suppose it depends a bit on the quality and refinement too.

    I usually buy straight cappings that are melted and have some impurities and needs further filtering to be used for candles. I buy that in 30 lb blocks for $3 a lb. If it is already cleaned, then it is probably worth a little more.

    Has anyone ever tried managing bees for wax as the primary hive product? They make the most beautiful white wax from sugar syrup. I was once thinking that if I had a hive that was a wax drawing machine, I'd feed and harvest the wax and feed back the sugar honey and just keep harvesting wax.

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    looks like brushy mtn gets 4$ for 1# + shipping.
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