Something I've always wanted to ask the commercial beeks, how did you get started? I've listened to lots of hobby beeks (or whom I assume to be hobby beeks) tell us guys/girls who aspire to go commercial, how most commercial beeks got started, the best way to get started, etc. The most common answer they have given is that you have to have been born into a commercial beekeeping family to be a commercial beekeeper. While I'm sure that is the easiest way to do it, I don't buy it. I have never believe that I can not succeed, and will never believe that I can not succeed. So anyway, I've always wanted to ask these questions:

1. How many hives do you have? I ask this to weed out hobbiest beeks that chime in, no disrespect intended.

2. How many hives did you start out with? And how long ago?

3. What aspect of beekeeping provides the most income, and what aspect provides the most profit?

4. Did you buy your equipment new or used?

5. Where is your operation based?

6. Besides being born into a beekeeping family, in your opinion, what is the fastest and best way to expand into a commercial beek?

7. I sell my honey at farmer's markets, and to other beeks because I can get a higher price. When you are producing 10, 20, 30 thousand or more pounds, who do you sell that to? I assume honey packers such as Sue Bee, but who are major honey packers?

8. If there's anything else you want to add, please do.