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    Default Getting Ready for Winter

    I am a new beekeeper and I am getting ready for my first Winter. I have 3 hives and it appears that none will make a crop this year. In my 2 best hives both boxes are full and I am feeding a 2/1 sugar water. My 3rd hive has struggled and only has one box full. I have a second box on it but no foundation. I am feeding it pretty heavily.
    Any suggestions on what to do this Winter so I can make a crop next year is welcomed.


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    Check for Varroa. A sugar shake, a 24 hour drop count, uncap some drones. If they have a lot of Varroa you need to deal with it soon enough to get some young healthy bees to get through the winter with. If they don't, then you're doing well. If you have a fall dearth you may want to feed some pollen so you get some young bees going into winter. If you have a queen more than 2 years old, requeening is sometimes good insurance.
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    Default winter

    Spence, you sound pretty much just like my 1st year efforts!!!! I have 4 hives after a few combines but they finally have drawn comb now and are filling up the 2 deeps and a couple I am trying for a little extra in supers but there is still some more nector to come. You'll have drawn comb next year and the bee's will be ready day one for your flowers and trees. I'm feeding and its seems to help. Keep that up and you'll be ok I bet!!!! you might ck for mites on the weak hive just in case w/ a sticky board and powdered sugar. Good luck


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