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Thread: Wax Moths!

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    Question Wax Moths!

    I just discovered wax moths in one of my hives. Seems it has been sort of a weak hive from the start ( this year ). I am trying to encourage the bees up into the second hive box and have a top feeder with 1/1 sugar water. Just checked them this a.m. and discovered the wax moths. What do I do?

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    I for one would say I don't know how to help with the little info: you have gave, other than ask more questions.

    how many boxes do you have on that they need to go up into another box ?

    I keep my bees in tight quarters they can work better that way so I have been told. So maby you need to move them into the bottom brood box and if it is NOT full of bees ad a small super with the feeder in it.

    But not knowin what ya have it is hard for me to help, now some of these old timers might give ya some good help soon.

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    Reduce the colony by placing some of the best frames of brood, honey, and pollen and placing them into a Nuc box - if this requires a double-story Nuc to hold all the bees, that's okay. Also, shake any bees from the affected combs, then put the afflicted combs into a freezer, at least overnight.


    Just eliminate empty space in the hive (space with frames/comb that the bees are not using). Definitely remove all wax moth larvae infested combs and freeze them, after removing the bees - if they contain large areas of brood, then you might choose to pick out any wax moth larvae by hand, then spritz with B-401 to inhibit additional infestation from hatching wax moth eggs before the honeybee brood emerges.
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