In celebration of National Honey Month, the message archives at the Historical Honeybee Archives list-serve will be open to public viewing. All are welcome to come and browse around. Fear not to approach!

I here present thee with a hive of bees, laden some with wax, and some with honey. Fear not to approach ! There are no Wasps, there are no Hornets here. If some wanton Bee should chance to buzz about thine ears, stand thy ground and hold thy hands: there's none will sting thee if thou strike not first. If any do, she hath honey in her bag will cure thee too. -Quarles

Historical Honeybee Archives

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"When Noah went into the Ark, he is reported to have
taken a pair of each kind of animals with him, but
I suspect he had to take three bees, a queen, a
drone and a worker," -C.C. Miller, 1913