I had 4 single story 8 frame deeps as mating boxes. 2 now have new queens laying, 2 went queenless. I joined the laying queen boxes on top of the queenless boxes, this is how I did it.

In the queenless boxes, I pushed all frames to one side of box (8 frame boxes have a bit of space left over with 8 frames in place so there's room to slide the frames to one side to give room for manipulating the frames). Then I pulled the one frame on the side with space, over to it's side to give space between frame one and two. I sprayed 1:2 sugarater on the bees between the frames. Then I pulled frame 2 over next to frame one and sprayed between frames 2 and 3. I continued this until I had sprayed between all frames, getting almost all bees wet with sugar water. When finished, I pushed all frames together into the center which gives 1/2" space on the outsides (this is how I keep the frames spaced in the boxes).

I then went to a laying queen box and did the same spraying of it, so that all it's bees were wet with sugar water. Then I took the laying queen box and moved it to the top of the queenless hive box, creating a 2 story 8 frame deep with the laying queen in the top box. I Did Not Use any queen excluder or newpaper in the join. The laying queen box and the queenless box, both boxes of bees came from the same mother queen, so all bees in both boxes were of the same "family".

I then went to the next set, laying queen and queenless boxes, and performed the same sugar water spraying. In this set, I took the queenless box of bees and moved it Under the laying queen box, creating a 2 story 8 frame deep hive with the laying queen in the top box. Once again, I did not use a queen excluder or newspaper, all these bees in both boxes also came from a single mother queen so were all from the same "family" of bees. (different mother queen from the first set tho).

I now have 2 hives that are 2 story 8 frame hives with laying queen in the top. There is good stores of nectar as I've been trickle feeding 1:1 sugarater throughout the queen hatching and mating process. I will be adding 1/2 pollen patty to each in 3 or 4 days, after they have all settled in well.

Starting with 4 boxes in 4 different locations, and ending with 2 boxes locations, I have some confused bees flying around somewhat, looking for their original location box which is no longer there. They should get all straightened out in couple or three days. That's when I'll add the pollen patties. I'm continue feeding 1:1 sugar water as it's a dearth here and fall is coming on. I want strength built up and with fresh queens they should start laying prolificly, and the pollen patties should help jumpstart that prolific laying. There was no fighting of bees in this join, and I don't expect any either.

In 10 days (one week after adding the pollen patties) I'll go thru both new hives and check to make sure the marked queens are still alive and laying, which I'm confident they will be but won't be sure unless I check!