Ordered queens from a different supplier and never thought to ask how they would be delivered. Instead of the wood cages I'm used to, they came in a battery box where the attendants service the queens through the cages -- no attendants in the cages. This is the first time I've dealt with these. They were overnighted yesterday (Wed) and arrived today.

I plan to pull the old queens tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and install these plastic cages on Saturday afternoon.

The supplier seemed iffy about leaving them in the box for two days and said normally old queens are pulled in advance of shipping. When I asked about the potential of them being killed in shipment and all hives being queenless, she said it was normal to cage all the old queens in case of such an event so they could be released again if that happened. Sounds like a lot of unnecessary work to me.

Anything I need to do with them until Saturday?

Can you just lay these cages in the inner cover hole over the frames or do they need to be suspended between frames candy end up?

With wooden cages, I normally leave both corks in for a day or two for more "adjustment" time before exposing the candy end. I don't think that's an option (or even necessary) with these plastic cages.