:mad: First the Bottling tank debacle and now this. Just set up at the Farmers market and half an hour in my wife pulls up and says someone phoned, one of my yards has been vandalized! She took over and I left to survey the damage. Three of four of my strongest hives were laying there, thousands of dead bees, outer covers upside down full of water. Apparently this was noticed on Tuesday but no one notified me till this morning. I'm hopeful the queens are OK as well as the frames of capped brood but I'm not too sure if the open brood will survive?
I had been asked to provide a couple of hives for Ross Conrads seminar on the sixth and seventh and to have them there a week ahead of time so they could settle in. I guess these hives are no longer good candidates I feel that I must move this yard as they may return. Should I wait a week and look for eggs and if OK then move them or is this too soon?
Of all the problems I have encountered Beeking this was one I hadn't expected!