May as well keep this as a running thread, since we're going to be hitting the workshops hard this year!

We'll be updating the website online with upcoming classes, and soon---our catalog for 2008/2009 workshops.

SEPTEMBER 23 & 25th: Beekeeping Basics

Basics of Beekeeping
September 23 & 25th, 7-9pm
Ruhl Bee Supply (
Gladstone, Oregon

Interested in keeping honey bees? Want to augment your garden, your orchards or your family activities in a manner that will bring tons of reward? Join us for a solid overview of what it takes to get started as a beekeeper.

Topics we'll cover:
Choosing the right equipment: stuff you need, stuff you don't to get you through your first season, and how to choose according to your own goals.

Choosing the right bees: Races of European honey bees, and whether or not you'll want to get started using packages or nucleus colonies. Plus--how to install them!

Bee-ology: The life cycle of the honey bee, and how it relates to bee pests, nectar flows and colony propagation.

Basic Hive Inspection Techniques: Learn how to work your bees correctly and efficiently, from full hive inspections to quick status checks.

Beekeeping Goals: Whether you're going to be a hobbyist or a potential sideliner, this class will help you get on the right path. Decisions you make now will help you plan for your second and future seasons.


Fee is $35 per person for adults, $20 for kids 10 and older. To reserve your seat for this much-requested course, please contact us at Ruhl Bee Supply!