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    Default FYI: **WINTERGREEN OIL, betula oil, sweet birch oil, teaberry oil. No. 5994, Merck In

    ADDING BOLDThe following information is probably why we use spearmint oil in Honey-B-Healthy.
    I. **WINTERGREEN OIL, betula oil, sweet birch oil, teaberry oil. No. 5994, Merck Index.
    A. Contains: Methyl salicylate; 2-Hydrxybenzoic acid methyl ester; C8H8O3. Mol. Wt. 152.14. (This is a natural source of aspirin!)
    B. Present in leaves of Gaultheria procumbens L., Ericaceae; in the bark of Betula lenta L., Black Birch, and Betulaceae; mostly prepared by esterification of salicylic acid with methanol.
    C. The product of commerce is about 99% pure.
    D. Colorless, yellowish or reddish, oily liq; odor and taste of Gautheria. Mp -8.6� bp 220-224� d25/25 1.184. D of the natural ester is about 1.180. N20/D 1.535-1.538. Flash pt, closed cup: 210�F (99�C).
    E. Slightly soluble In water; one gram in about 1500 ml.; soluble in chloroform, ether.
    F. Misc with alcohol, glacial acetic acid. LD50 orally in rats: 887 mg/kg. P.M. Jenner et al., Food Cosmet. Toxicol. 2: 327 (1964).
    G. Human toxicity: ingestion of relatively small amounts may cause severe poisoning and death (average lethal dose: 10 ml in children, 30ml in adults). 1. Symptoms of poisoning: nausea, vomiting, acidosis, pulmonary edema, pneumonia, convulsions, death. Cf. Clinical toxicology of Commercial Products, R. E. Gosselin et al., eds. (Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore, 4th ed. 1976), Section III, pp. 295-303.
    2. Use: in
    1. Because of toxicity concerns, follow the suggested manufacturer's oral or topical dosage form regimen: 1 teaspoon (5 mL) of wintergreen oil is equivalent to approximately 7000 mg of salicylate or 21.5 adult aspirin tablets.Regards,
    Ernie Lucas Apiaries
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