I did a 24 hour IPM board inspection for Varroa mites. Took it off late yesterday afternoon.

Question # 1- How hard is it to identify the mites? I see lots of wax particles and pollen but there's something I can't identify with a magnifing glass. I took pictues of this, put it on the computer and zoomed it and it looks like it might be VM's from the pictures I've seen on the internet but I'm still not sure. I have to do a lot of zooming to even see what I do see. I thought the mites would be a little easier to see than this. Am I wrong about this? I've taken pictures of the bees on the frames while out of the hive, put them on the computer and zoomed them and saw no mites on any of the bees.

Question # 2- The temp was in the high 80's yesterday. When I took the IPM boards (2 hives) off just before dark the porch was covered with bees. Was this because of the heat created by the IPM board being there and causing a heat build up?

Question # 3- It finally rained last night and today for the first time in awhile. This morning when I went to check on the ladies there was 2 or 3 pupa and 2 or 3 larvae as well as maybe a dozen dead bees on each porch. All the larvae was drones. Did I see this because of the rain or do you think there's another problem?

Being a bee dummie sure is frustrating! In my humble (ignorant) opinion both hives seem to be thriving considering they were both started from Nucs the first of July. I appreciate the help of you more experienced beekeepers here cause I need all the help I can get!