I see the same problems with foundation. You also see sheets of foundation buckle and sag if the bees don't work it soon enough, and if the flow isn't strong enough they chew it out. Those frames are an easy clean up. Just cut the bottom piece out and let them finish them. It takes about a minute, far less than when a whole box of foundation sags to the bottom. Foundation gets attached to box sides as well. If you had checked them more often you could have prevented the problems all together in about 30 seconds with a quick scrape.

I haven't used a foundation in over 5 years. I don't mysteriously lose hives to chemicals in commercial wax, in fact I haven't lost a hive in several years. I don't have excessive drones. If bees in the wild only produced drones there wouldn't be any bees. Do what you want but don't blame foundationless for your problems.