I am planning to make some top screens for moving my bees. I bought one from Brushy last year, it was OK, but left something to be desired.

I made 2 different designs myself last season, and they are not perfect either.

I'm looking for alternative designs.

Brushy's design has the screen on the bottom of the shim and the side a bit lower than the ends so that the bees can get ventilation. The shortcoming of this design is that if I go out to the hives during the day or the day before and put the screens on, then a fairly large number of bees crawl into the space between the cover and the screen and just hang out in there, and never find their way back inside the hive.

I tried to remedy this by making my own screen tops with that side opening a bit bigger and cutting a piece of wood to fit in there. The thought was I could go and place it on the hive, and block it off, and then on moving night, I could just push the blocks in and strap it up and go. (Placing entrance blocks in too, or course). This worked pretty good too. The problem is that I keep losing these pieces of wood, because they are not attached.

I thought about taking a honey super and cutting it in half, so they are about 2 1/4" tall. Screen the bottom and cut out some holes all around the thing and screen them too. This way the bees would not be inclined to hang on the screens, but the ventilation would still be good.


Alternative designs welcome.......