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    Lightbulb wind speed and colonies

    Anyone have any idea what wind speed it takes to blow over a colony (2 deeps and perhaps 1 medium super)?

    Just in case Gustav will be knocking on our door Tuesday as a hurricane here in south Louisiana as the National Hurricane Center models seem to suggest, I am planning Sunday to strap down all my colonies, running the strap through the cinder block hive stand and around the colony. Going to put some heavier bricks on top too. Will also do some praying this keeps the hives upright.

    I haven't opened the hives for about a month when I pulled honey supers and applied Apistan strips for the mites. I hope this has provided sufficient time for the critters to apply a good propolis seal between the boxes.

    Any suggestions?
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    Last 2 seasons I have strapped mine down with dog tie outs. I screwed them down into the ground on either side of a hive stand (my stands have 2 hives on each), and run a strap from one hook over two hives to the other hook.

    As long as the hives are the same height this works fine. I even set empty boxes and tops on top of other hive just to make them the same height.

    I wish I had taken a picture for you, but I didn't.

    The dog tie outs were pretty cheap at Home Depot, like $6 each or so........... Hey, I just found them at Petsmart for $3.99 - I paid too much. Here is the link:

    Anyway, I hope Gustav misses you. Tie them down anyway.

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    Depends on the stands. Mine are on landscape timbers on the ground. Keeps them low and saturated ground isn't a factor in hives tipping over. If they are on legs, be wary. Mine have migratory tops (flat plywood) and no bricks and they make it through 80mph thunderstorms no problem (5-6 mediums).

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    >Anyone have any idea what wind speed it takes to blow over a colony (2 deeps and perhaps 1 medium super)?

    There are factors, such as how tall, etc. but when we get gusts up to 60 mph or more you have to go check to see if any blew over.
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