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    Default Wood prep & preservation advice please

    This fall and winter I am going to build a few hundred deeps. I would like to treat with a preservative of some kind prior to painting. Is anyone still using Penetrol? I have been using copper on my pallets so I know how that behaves. Any advice on pre painting treatments? Lately I have had a lot of problems with adhesion, using the best most expensive primer, best paint, so on. Comments please and thank you. I am even thinking about buying lead and mixing my own paint.

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    Smile Lately I have had a lot of problems with adhesion

    Zinzer 1-2-3 primer goes on like cream.
    I will get the ID# for the best paint that I have used from Home Depot and send it to you Monday,
    I bought a Graco airless sprayer and it is fantastic
    BTW you can use ant-freeze for the seals. One gallon of antifreeze vs an 8oz of their brand is a big difference.
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