At a garage sale yesterday (which my wife found and actually told me about) I bought what was basically the equipment for a little more than three hives, supers and all and some other stuff like two beesuits, two smokers, two veils and various other things. Got a good deal, even though I did not have anything exactly budgeted for

I have always used wax foundation. Some of the frames have new, undrawn plastic foundation in them. I don't know the brand, but the outlines of the cells appear to be part of the plastic with wax coating. I have read that it is best to add more beeswax before introducing the bees to the frames. Anybody have a technique for applying the beeswax that they would like to share?

Second, some of the frames are deeps that were drawn out on plastic. However, wax moths have gone crazy on them and they are a mess. Is it correct that I can just scrape that off and let the bees draw it again? Should I try to leave some of the drawn parts that have not been chewed up by the wax moth larvae or clean it all the way off?