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    Sad Why bees dont' migrate...?

    To get my bees, I just set a honey jar out there and they moved in... Now I am trying to get them to migrate into two new hives I have set up and when I feed them they just rob it and leave the swarm I captured in a state of shock. My 300 to 500 swarm was about to die when I checked this morning, but my strong swarm is producing 6 or 8 frames full of honey. I think they stole all the small hives sugar water.

    How do I get them to migrate?

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    I'm not following the conversation too well...
    You've got bees that setup a working hive inside a honeyjar???

    and you've got 2 other hives that were swarm captures?
    Sounds like the stronger is robbing the weaker? If so, use entrance reducer and setup an internal feeder on the weaker one.

    As far as the migration issue, I'm not understanging too well. Is this just loose robber bees you're trying to get to integrate into an existing hive? If so, it'll never happen.

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    Honey by itself is a poor attractant for bait hives. They usually just eat it up and move on.

    Do a split instead of waiting for them to "migrate".

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    Apparently you had a swarm move into your first box. Now you think they will leave and move into a different box. They won't. They may eventually fill the first box until they get crowded and swarm. Then they MIGHT move into your other box or not. A hive is looking for food, not a home. A swarm is looking for a home, not food.
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