Went to one of my northern bee yards yesterday aug.19,[in St.Clair co. Mo.]I have 5 hives in this one.I took honey off 4 of them, but this one hive had the strangest looking comb I have ever seen.It was bright yellow almost floresant looking.This is a hive I made from a nuc in May, The whole 2nd deep was this way? I know it must be from some plant they were working,but some of the supers of honey that I took off the other 4 hives started out with foundation[wax] and none of them had this bright yellow look? The 2nd deep in question, started out with wax foundation and they had their winter stores already.Put a wet supper on for fall honey[goldenrod and aster] just now starting.Have any of you seen this bright yellow comb?or know what kind of plant it might have come from? I!s eerie looking.