Worth Repeating
I copied this from Joe Traynors may 2008 newsletter.

Date of Mite Treatment Frames of bees in December*
August 15

September 15
(09 Frames)

October 15
(2.5 Frames)
*from August 2005, ABJ, p.631. Assume 2,000 bees per frame

The August 15 treatment will be more effective if mite levels are kept down in the summer. And unless you’re using a residual material, or your colonies are broodless, you will have to re-treat at 10-day intervals to get the mites sealed in the brood cells (for every mite in the open, there may be 10 inside cells).
Here is my question: How can we treat for mites and put pollen patties on August 15th?
Option one: treat for mites 1st and feed pollen patties 2nd.
Option 2: treat for mites and feed pollen patties.
Option 3: ??????

Comments are most needed!

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