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Thread: d) Getting bees

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    I have a friend with a wild hive living in the wall of an old shed. As i have just finished buillding my first hive, he was telling me i could have the bees out of it. I know this is a bit off subject of Nuc vs package, but is this a bad way to go? Is there a bad time of year to move them to my TBH? I was simply thinking this could get me started now instead of waiting till next spring.

    also a question on NUCs can you use them on a TBH?

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    This section is not for general discussion, but I kept your post here for a point. I have since changed my position on this topic. I have always been an advocate of packages for the beginner. Years ago this worked well. In recent years, I have found packages to be very unreliable. A high percentage of queens get superseded. Putting your name on a swarm list and starting with a swarm is by far the best bees to start with, but you have to be willing to wait for that day to come. Nothing out performs a swarm.

    I don't know about timing in Kentucky, but I would sure do everything I could to get those bees.
    Regards, Barry


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