How is the bt working for everyone? I bought a full 1 lb bag from Sundance about 3 years ago when he first started offering it. I did a strength test making up a solution of double strength full strength, 1/2 strength, 1/4 strength, and 1/8 strength. I sprayed the various strengths on pieces of comb and let them dry and then place each in seperate containers with several wax worms larva of differing ages in each... the bt had zero effect.

Over the winter I kept the bt in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator and tried again last year mixing up full strength and this time spraying about 4 supers full of drawn brood comb. I got them really soaked with the bt spray and let them dry. I stored the frames in a big cardboard box in the basement.... Well the wax moths found the box and by the time I found them I was in the wax worm raising business. Too bad I didn't have a fishing market established.

I took lots of pictures which I may post if anyone's interested. Any suggestions on getting this stuff to work? Any other failures? Successes?