I'm looking at hand-powered radial extractors, which seem to start in the $500 range give or take. Options are:

Dadant's Ranger: 6 mediums, 3 deeps tangentially only with additional basket, no stand, $466

Brushy: 9-frame, 3 deeps tangentially with included basket, stand presumably included, $425

Mann Lake 18/9: 18 mediums or nine deeps no modification needed, stand included, $500

Dadant's Ranger, why bother, because:

Brushy 9, more affordable with greater capacity than the Ranger, but:

for only $75 bucks you get double the capacity with the Mann Lake model over the Brushy model (more'n triple-capacity for only $44 more than with the Ranger).

Has anyone actively compared these? Wish I could see them all side by side. Am I missing something?