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    Post Wanting to travel some hives

    I live in North Florida (just north of Orlando, 3 hours south of GA line) and I am next to a forest but do not have enough of a flows to produce more than 3/4 of a super per hive. I was thinking of trying to find someplace to move my hives to next year to try to get a little more out of the girls. I am not looking to travel hundreds of miles or to do pollinating (yet), just something to help the girls out (and me). I was thinking about seeing if I could get an orange grove or two but that is all I could come up with without driving them far away.

    Any ideas of what I might be looking for that would give me a good crop?

    I asked around at my local bee club but most of them just leave theirs in their yards and the others do pollination (watermelons)

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    just a couple of thought...

    1) watermelon, cantalops, green peppers, strawberries.... and that's just the short list of planted crops (and all perhaps 100 miles north and south of you).

    2) a pine forest is a barren wasteland as far as the bees are concerned. these are not such bad places to set bees down, but you don't want to keep a hive there very long.

    3) to move bees very far from your home you need numbers. it is an economic issue that revolves around fixed cost (and time).

    4) at your address I would be looking real hard at dade city. last time I was there they still had citrus.


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