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    Default Small Hive Beattles and Ants

    I am brand spanking new, had my hive for 10 days now but I have red everything on this site and have attended a local Beek chapter and ever had a fellow beek come over and go through my hive and then go through a bunch of his. (I did this without a hat, gloves or net as mine haven't come yet.)
    Anyway, it seems like at least ants and beattles could be fairly easily defeated by placing the hive on legs that won't allow them to enter the hive.
    Am I missing something. I would guess that this would be difficult for someone with a bunch of hives but for my one or two hives this should be pretty simple and effective. (Or do these beattles fly?)

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    Or do these beattles fly?
    I'm afraid so.

    I've personally witnessed them fly unchallenged right into the entrance at dusk. They are extremely agile flyers and will get into your hives at will.


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