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    Default Hummerbees Hiveclamp attachment?????

    OK according to our Swinger thread we have picked the lift we all like our Swingers & Hummerbees. I agree with that what I'm asking is about the Hummerbee hive clamps. Anybody use one, how do you like it, will it attach to my Swinger, is it worth the upgrade cost that's the questions I have. I saw the film on the website and it's impressive but how will it work in the field.

    I'm making my lottery list when I hit for millions I'm expanding the bee business for tax deductions. Until then trying to earn a extra dollar for the ticket. Any and all ideas are appreciated stupid ones are also reviewed & filtered. Because it may not be stupid to the Edison that created that light bulb.

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    Default Hive clamps


    I once rented a forklift from another beekeeper when I was out of province. All his forklifts were equipped with clamps. It drove me crazy. I had not used one before and was not used to it. So when putting hives on the truck you need to remember to release the clamp (works better that way). I found it to be a real inconvenience and eventually took it off.

    If someone were just learning then I suppose it could be OK, but I've managed fine without one so far and don't found it frustrating having to relearn a task that I thought I was pretty good at.

    I could see it being useful if you had to bring pallets into the field at some distance from the truck that's being unloaded. A fellow may want to double stack the pallets in an attempt to save time. A clamp could be useful if the road were rough. You could probably drive faster with the clamp than without one. Other than that application I don't see much use for one. Generally speaking if I can't drive up to the hives I don't place hives there. I don't really have time for getting stuck.


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    I agree with JM,

    The only advantage I ever had was you could unload four pallets at a time off the truck.

    Two pallets high & two pallets wide.

    I took my hold down off years ago.

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    The only thing a hold down clamp is good for is headaches,and picking up equipment when you forget to unclamp a stack of hives off the truck..

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    Default Clamps

    30 years ago when a lot of people were palletizing, lots of machines had clamps. Now you never see them.

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    Default Re: Hummerbees Hiveclamp attachment?????

    I have used clamps on my swingers for many years, but since I quit doing applesm in washington i have removed them. If you move a lot of hives in a night and need to road them down orchard rows on ruff ground they are a real time saver. No more spiled hives,, Unless u forget to open the __?>"{+_ thing up and oh what a mess you can make. Goodluck


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