I never heard of this before, but apparently today (8-02-08) is the 7th annual Mead Day. A special recipe is below supposedly for this special day. Not being in raspberry country or cherry country or any fruit country for that matter, I went to the grocery store for the ingredients and came home with a 12 pack of beer instead. Ingredients would cost several $$/bottle or so locally, not counting any value for my award-winning honey!

Bill Pfeiffer Commorative aka Y2K Commerative recipe

> 8# Raspberries
> 10 # Tart Cherries
> 18-20# Honey
> 3 packages (why 3???) Lalvin B-1122 yeast
> 1-3/4 teaspoon DAP
> 1-1/4 teaspoon Pectic Enzyme

Mix honey and 1 gal (or more) water thoroughly, then cover the fruit with the honey/water. Add water to 6 gal. After 12 hours, add 1 tsp. DAP; 3 days later add rest of DAP & Pectic Enzyme. Leave on fruit for 28 days, rack, rack again at your preferred interval (some 'experts' recommend 3 month intervals).

If anyone can afford to make this recipe (or feels sorry for me and wants to send some berries & cherries), let me know how it turns out. Sounds tasty so I just might try a gallon batch instead.