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    Just to give all you inverted measure converters something to drool over . . .

    We will be offering a NEW inverted bottle with the same classic shape as what is mentioned here . . . but, NOW WITH HEX CELL EMBOSS on the sides!

    And, oh wait . . . we will also offer the hex deco jar in a new 3# and not just 5#.

    PM me and I'll send pictures. They will be available soon . . .

    Don't forget we have great prices on bulk cases of all of your other favorites!
    Blue Sky Bee Supply
    Quality Bee Supplies, Bees and Containers!

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    Default I'm pretty sure I know what happened.

    Quote Originally Posted by geoffkb View Post
    IMHO, it sounds like corperate speak to me. I believe some one on their end made a booboo and are not man enough to say, “I am at fault.” Those bottles are likely miss labeled/packed/boxed etc. I would say it is the manufacture’s fault. You ordered 1-pound right? And you received 1/2 liter. What Say You? What is written on the case?
    It says 16oz on the case. I have a scale and it confirms what my calculation said, 16oz + 10% = 17.6oz which is 500 grams!

    We're definitely going metric!!!! What are my chances of getting labels showing grams?
    Bees give me a buzz!

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    hmmm, I bought a case of those to use for handing out free samples at the farmers market and one market/deli that sells my stuff on their tea counter, I did think they looked bigger, but didn't think much more about it.

    Thanks for the heads up

    I think I would jack up the price... IF I were to offer them for sale. Which I probably am not.
    I have gotten some good feed back, but HATE plastic.

    My new labels are all printed to read "net weight at least" so much...and both u.s. & metric and I fill'em pretty full. I charge a premium price and not gonna get toooo cheap.

    You guys and your pints...REAL MEN do keg stands!


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    Default good place

    in the midwest for jars is Infinity Packaging in Urbandale IA and Kansas City.

    The will deal with small lots or up to semi loads.

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    You guys are all nuts. I measured the bottle from the dadant mag, and it's clearly 1-11/16" big. That's the "size".

    And for you preppy euro types that stick your nose up and stick out your about 42 cm with the cap, or is that mm. Here, I'll just hold up my two fingers and show you. Its this big!

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