WOW This thread went everywhere. I developed a pollination market in a u-pick cherry valley. The timing was just after Almonds and before the Sage flow. There were many small farms. Some only wanted 1 hive. I went to the Cherry growers assn meeting and proposed this deal. Everybody in the assn. rented my bees. All bees would be put in on my schedule. All bees pulled on my schedule. ( before Sage flow) My bees were going backwards during this time in the spring and the area was close to home. I made divides, made queens and requeened while waiting for the sage flow. My rent was $45.00 per colony and made an average of 30# honey per colony, on the 80 colonies. My association with the growers grew into real friendships over the years. I had a real concern for their operations. They also all sold honey at their u-pick stands. I supplied about 1000 ea 2# bottles ea year. Hope this answers the original post and what is possible