Torula yeast suppliers.


I am looking for a supplier of Torula yeast.
Hopefully one near home to keep the shipping cost down.
Please send comments.
Spray dried brewers yeast is used with a low salt, 02 %, is available.
I want to do some in-field feeding trials.

Block +TY = With Torula yeast

Block +BY = with Brewers Yeast

Block +50:50 = 50% TY + 50% BY

Block ML15 = Mann Lake 15% patties.

Block C (Minus +TY, +BY and + 1:1) = Contol

Block KJ = Kieth Jarrett. (Kieth, I wanted to know if you read this part?)

Block P = % pollen. This could complicate the experiment.

The syrup used will be C & H granulated sugar mixed in a 2:1 by volume.

As in all experiments I need to keep the variables down to a small influence on the Raw and Final Data.--I need a very good conclusion.

I have the queen stocks to test the Breeder queen daughters.
I will try to use test blocks of at least 50 hives/block so that the experiment will produce conclusive evidence.
The reason that I want to do this research is because I have read other data reports and they did not have any controls or their data base was only 10 hives.. Now how can you say that something works or it did not work without controls or such a small data base?

Please submit your ideas.
Ernie Lucas Apiaries
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