This only my second year. Last year, at this time, with the lack of rain it was fairly easy to see that nothing was coming in. This year, heats been down, rains have been frequent, it appears that the major flow is over but the bees are still bringing in some nectar. Is that the impression others in this area have?

FWIW, I have an outdoor 8 medium frame OB that I use as a gauge. So far, I've pulled 3 capped frames from it (6/28). It now has 1 fully capped frame and 2 frames full of upcapped honey. It is not being fed.

Now here's the real question. I have 2 other hives that have not been able to fully occupy or fill 4 8 frame mediums. I'm thinking about pulling undrawn frames and condensing the hives to 3 8 frame mediums. My reason is SHB. I havn't seen larva or damage yet, but have seen about a dozen or more adults. I feel if I cut down the amount of space they have a better chance of fending off the SHB. But, if I'm wrong about flow they may not have enough room to store nectar.