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    What is everyones prefered method of wiring frames for both brood and supers?

    I have seen brood wiring with a single and double X wires, with all 4 wires strait across, with only two wires strait, and others that say just use crimped wire foundation and don't worry about support wires.

    Then with the supers I heard with IL supers just use crimped wire or with both strait wires but with shallow don't do anything. But I am too cautious not using anything for extra support when I am extracting.

    Just wondering what works for everyone else.
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    I cross wire all deeps with 2 wires in the middle. This helps keep the foundation straight while they are drawing out. I cross wire my mediums for extra support when extracting. It may not be necesary but its cheap insurance against blowouts on new drawn comb. IF you are experienced at running a extractor you can extract about any new comb with no wires without blowing it out but you got to start slow and work your speed up slowly.


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