As a newbie, I'm not sure what to do with my swarmed out and now queenless colony. They swarmed on June 26th and had plently of replacement queen cells in the making. I just inspected the colony the best I could and found no queen, no active queen cells,larva, or eggs in the brood chamber. The drawn frames were mostly empty(some capped honey on the edges) and the bees were angry(stung repeatedly). The bees were so upset I could not finish the inspection and had to close it up. I also noticed lots of drones landing and entering and making a lot of noise in the past few days. There should be a laying queen by now and my season is starting to turn a corner. They have only drawn out 8 frames of a single deep so far this season.
Should I install a frame of uncapped larva from another colony to help them requeen themselves or combine the bees with another hive or hives? Or requeen from a supplier?

My other two nucs are progressing normally and have kept my interest in beekeeping. Thanks,