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    Default Queen laying after 2 weeks

    Hello everyone,

    I started a nuc on July 6 and introduced a newly mated queen. The bees liberated her after 2 days. 1 week later I checked but I could not find the queen. There were also no eggs anywhere. So I thought they must have killed her. And now I had a queenless hive. So I gave them some eggs from another hive so they could raise a queen. I checked again a week later and sure enough there`s a queen cell right where I put the eggs. But to my surprise, there are now eggs too on another frame! So the hive was queen right all along! I never heard of a queen waiting 2 weeks to start laying. But anyway should I destroy this queen cell or let them battle it out.

    Any thoughts are welcome. Thanks.

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    It took my virgin queen(newly mated) 3 weeks to adjust and start laying properly.
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