I made some splits a few weeks ago and I introduced mated queens in all four splits. Now in one of the hives she is letting them build a queen cell. Just one queen cell, but this is a fresh hive with only 2 1/2 frames drawn so far, and this queen cell was not in hive before queen was introduced. She seams to be laying a good pattern, and she is good and healthy so I dont think they would be replacing her, but I have been wrong in the past. They are not bound up so they should not be wanting to swarm. Oh and this is not a normal queen cell this is actually a supersedure cell.

Should I crush the cell and see if they build another?

If they do build another should I pull the new queen from that hive and see if another hive will accept her better? (I have a hive that could use a new queen)

6 Hives