Had one hive come through winter with a large , grapefruit size cluster. I fed from late March to middle of May; by this time this hive was occupying 2 mediums full of bees.

Well, late May early June, I opened them up and found 5 or 6 swarm cells. I rearranged the brood nest, added another super , in the third spot of 4 , and tore down the swarm cells. It seemed to work, as the bees did not swarm.

The hive though, is slow to be building up now. The brood pattern is marginal; though I found several frames of capped brood ( appx 30 % covered mediums ) and 50 or open cells of larvae, and a fat cordovan colored queen ???

Is this normal after disrupting a hive swarming ?? Mabye this queen is poor now; its her second year, and should I pinch now and go on ?