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    Big Grin Thank you Beesource

    Yesterday I traveled to the home of Craig Cella to attend the PSBA - Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association - annual summer picnic. I was one of the featured speakers doing the morning program, with Warren Miller. My talk was centered on queen rearing. Much of the discussion and the conversations throughout the day dealt with queen rearing, problems within the industry, the benefits of raising your own queens, and where the industry is at in today's terms of quality and associated problems. Questions about southern queens, nucs, problems with packages, chemicals, and a host of concerns were discussed.

    I mention this because one of the unforeseen positives that came about, were discussions about a letter that Gingerbee had sent out to all suppliers in Pennsylvania. Based on a discussion we had a few weeks ago, (she notified by letter), suppliers were told about and references to the beesource thread shown below, were made. It drummed up many conversations and actually fit nicely into the days talk. Craig cella, an inspector himself who received a letter from Ginger could not agree more with my comments.

    All those that I spoke to about in regards to this letter and the items covered all agreed with my comments had merit and knew what was being said. And although there may be a supplier that disagrees with my comments, certainly 99% knew where I was coming from.

    The letter has been great for making people aware of potential risk and real happenings within the industry, based on the items mentioned in the original thread.

    One point in the letter, that I may not agree with was "Bjorn Apiaries is also a supplier of nucs in the area and could benefit financially by these actions". I have made it a point, and even mentioned several times my lack of desire to advertise and sell on beesource, for reasons I will not go into here. Other than my website, which just was posted in January, I have stopped advertising nucs and queens on beesource two years ago (although I think I did sell about 6 excess queens I had last year.) So to even think that I come to a discussion group as beesource, and provide information, based on motives of making a profit, is somewhat humorous. Discussing such things, with comments from ginger's letter suggesting "I could benefit financially", all the while telling people how to raise their own queens and do their own splits....can hardly be called "profitable'.

    So make lemonade when given lemons. And when the crowd all drinks lemonade (Or agrees with such comments that I made) those unexpected lemons thrown your way actually are seen as good things. The letter, although leaving me with a wonderment of "why", also is one of the best things that can happen with expanded discussions of such matters, and I guess is good for beesource as perhaps some people not viewing here before, now know about the site.

    I guess mentioning this letter is good to let others know that such items do occur. That perhaps they would be caught off guard by such motivations of others. Although I was cuaght off guard, and never dreamed that Ginger would write such letters based on discussions here on beesource, it has been a wonderful thing. Those here on beesource mainly understood what I was saying, and that is the same outside beesource. And if your that supplier of products that I so commented about, perhaps knowing such discussions are going on, can motivate change and have positive results in the future.

    I know Barry has commented a few months back about discussion on beesource that carry over to outside communication channels, and his stance on such matters. I ask that this be seen a something positive, and other than perhaps letting others be aware that comments made on beesource may be motivating for such letter writing by a few, it all worked out nicely this time. I will forward a copy of the letter to barry so he can confirm my comments.

    So Thank you to Beesource for allowing such discussions and allowing many people to see such matters in the open. And thank you to ginger for the letter. Although I think that the letter was probably written for reasons less than what I am commenting, they have turned out to be quite the positive thing.

    Please see the thread below. Although some of the posts were deleted, you can still get the true meaning of what was being said.
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