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    Default ground dwelling bee ID needed

    I was talking with a fellow first year beek at work and a guy overheard us and said., ”I have a bunch of bees under a wood barrel at want em??” We both lit up and said YES!! We quizzed him to be sure they were not hornets. A short drive to his house and as we pulled into the driveway, we saw TONS of bees flying around the barrel!!They looked good till we got closer. They were in the ground and had little holes dug and were peeking out the holes..4-5 holes and a lot going under the cement sidewalk. There were about 200 in the air!! It was fun watching them wrestle each other on the one colony was robbing the other.
    It was obvious they were not EHB. I cannot ID them and included pictures to help. Must be some kind of miner bee. They have white eyes and are VERY mild. WHAT ARE THEY??? :confused: ( yes one bee was harmed to contribute to this post)

    gun--who almost had his first swarm---

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    Default Maybe some kind of fly?

    I looked around on the internet, didn't see anything exactly like your picture.
    Looks a little like a carpenter bee, but those big white eyes made me think maybe one of those flys that mimic bees. I have also seen a few strange bees this year I have yet to identify.


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