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Thread: dumb mistake

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    Wink dumb mistake

    I was out this pm messing with the girls and put a new screen bottom board from Kelley in I like it.
    moving the two deeps i set the the box on to two broads and I put the hive down and the 1x6 stuck to the bottom now they Have a 1x6 inside the hive the girls have to move around the board not a big problem but now tomorrow got to take it out and it going to be real hot thery are nice bees only been hit twice this year.

    will this be a problem? just more work to hot humid I think I lost three pounds

    for all the new bees check your bottom.Do not let anything stick to the bottom of your deep hive ,and you dealers you should put a screened bottom board in your kit for the cost the bees needs ventilation lets get with the modern times and save us some money.
    Wishing you all the best of tomorrows and good honey

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    I'm not picturing what happened. Is the board inside the deep, as in the deep is fully resting on the rim of the SBB? If so then the board is probably just in the gap between the frame bottoms and the screen, not that big a deal. It'll probably be very easy to get out; just tip the boxes as a unit, leaving the SBB flat, and reach in and grab it. Just like looking at the frame bottoms for swarm cells.
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