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    Default Honey Bound Brood Nest?

    I started 2 new Carni packages this summer. Two weeks ago, both had 5-7 frames on their second deep drawn, with brood in them - so I added a third undrawn deep.

    I checked them today. They both have 3-4 frames on the third deep drawn and are filling them with honey, but are quickly backfilling the brood nest with honey in the second deep.

    Our sweet clover flow is about over. Should I consider this backfilling normal at this time of the year, or should I consider manipulating frames, etc to give the queen more room? This happened to me last summer too - so maybe it's normal?

    Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance!

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    I think this is normal but I would manipulate frames. Just make sure that you have enough surplus to take care of the extra bees.


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