Today I made a through first inspection of a package of bees that I installed the last days of May. Inspecting before but not breaking open the hive, I found drones, workers, new workers and I could see honey capped on the frames, a lot of goings and commings, but not a lot of bees.

The hive is one 10 frame deep. I found 6 frames that had at least some bees, and what looked like used cells. Honey was capped around the top and half way down the sides on 4 of the frames. The 4 frames with honey, has a little pollen and about a dozen capped drone cells on each side. There was about a dozen larva uncapped on the frame in the middle of the hive. I saw no eggs at all. The bottom of each of the empty cells colored dark, almost black. There are some cells that have an orange yellow color that really looks like a colored wax..very close to the bottom and the rest of the cell is empty. I did not find the queen, but I did find 4 small queen cells, one was capped, but very small maybe the size of a sewing thimble, one was open but I could see the royal jelly inside, the others were empty. I found one cell that appeared to have been capped at one time and it was filled with an orange substance, that was mushy, and grainy, but did not appear to have any bee parts inside. The queen included in this package disappeared, ie. died left not sure, but I requeened with a queen from the original place I purchased the package from.

This is my second package, my first one swarmed about 4 days after I installed it. My other hive is thriving, it is from a swarm spring 2007, and I harvested honey from it. I have read about foulbrood, and the general problems and pest.....I did not find any dead eggs, larva, or capping that were sunken or perferated.

Help anyone.
green :confused: