I moved a 5 frame nuc colony that was bursting at the seams into 10 frame equipment about a week ago. I only had one medium box available, so that is all I gave them. They have a SBB and migratory top that is proped open about 1/2 inch at the front for ventilation.

The weather here has been in the 90's with about 78% humidity.

I noticed some bearding during the afternoon, not much but some. Last night I went out to check on them and noticed that the entire front of the hive was about 1" thick with bees that were bearding as was the side over the gap of the cover. THis morning before leaving for work I checked them again and found that most of the beard was gone except the ones around the gap of the cover and about a ball the size of an orange hanging off the front edge of the migratory top.

Do they need room already, or could this be due to the heat/humidity? The additional 5 frames used when moved to the 10 frame equipment were pierco frames with additional wax added.

THank you for the information.