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    Default creamed honey, again

    does honey need to be held at 57 degrees to cream properly, or does that just speed the process? i have a spare fridge that i thought would be ideal for holding the honey while it crystallizes, but i can't get the thing to reach a temp above 48. lousy good craftsmanship. in any case, if i just seed the honey and let it sit at room temp, will it still crystallize properly?

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    My understanding is that the rapid crystallization helps with uniformity of crystal size. But it'll sure crystallize at whatever temp if it's not too warm. Try a couple in the fridge and a couple at room temp and see what you like better. If you want to, you can get a controller to override the setpoint of a fridge/freezer to the temp you choose for about $60, no modification of fridge needed. I have three .
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