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    Wink whats a good extractor with motor

    I have 6 hives what is a good extractor one that would do all sizes of frames right now we use a small one but does only one size the shallow frames I need one that will do all three.

    Any help would be nice.
    m Thanks paul
    Wishing you all the best of tomorrows and good honey

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    Maxant M1400 WITH LEGS

    I have a couple of these and they work very well.
    They will do 20 frames of mediums/shallows or 10 frames
    of deeps per load.
    An issue I had was that I thought the honey gate was on the small size (1.5") so
    I punched mine out to accept a large gate.
    Having legs makes it easy to bolt the extractor down to something so it
    doesn't walk around.


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