This is my first year with bees. I started with two 3lb packages in late April and am now up to five hives from splitting one hive and catching two swarms from the first two hives. The last swarm has me confused. I know they came from my hives since I first noticed the swarm while they were still in the air above my garden before landing in a cherry tree in my yard. I have no idea which hive they came from tho. So, last night I went thru the newly hived swarm I caught Saturday to see if the queen was laying yet. I figured if there were eggs, then one of my hives with a queen swarmed. If there were no eggs, the one of my hives that had already swarmed and had queen cells, swarmed again with one of the virgin queens. Well, I found no eggs, but did find two queens. I first I thought the queen was just quick... but nope.... there were definitely TWO queens. So..... is this common, or really strange?