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    Smile Top deep full of honey

    A newbie beekeeper here with a question. One of my hives (2 deeps) had the upper deep full of capped honey, (8 frames 80% capped honey, no brood), so I installed a medium super of plastic foundation on top. 2 weeks later they haven't started to draw out wax in the super, so I put the super under the top deep, and they have drawn out the foundation and have about 5 frames of capped honey in it so far. My question is: what do I do now, put the super back on top, or leave it where it is? Or should I have just left it on top a little longer? Then where do I add the next super of foundation? Thank you for you responses in advance, I really enjoy reading the posts here and I've learned a lot already.
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    Had you left it on a little longer they probably would have built it out. I'd put the super back on top, if only because you will probably want the two brood boxes together for wintering and you may as well let them get things organized htat way now. When they get this box about three quarters full, put on another. As long as they have a nectar flow they will keep working at the pace that suits them.

    Sometimes the "stove pipe" up the middle of the boxes. If that happens, move some of the honey over to the side and put the empty frames in the middle.
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    Harvest, extract, and replace the frames


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