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Thread: Finding a Queen

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    Default Finding a Queen

    I will be requeening a few hives in the next couple weeks. Does anyone have tips for locating the old queen? I have a hard time finding queens.

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    I either find her right away or it takes forever. Here's what I do:

    - Pull a frame and just look at it without trying to focus on specific bees. Sometimes I can spot the queen right away if I'm looking at the frame as a whole.

    - If I don't see her like that, I look for a cluster of bees that aren't scurrying around quite as fast as the others....especially if that cluster is nearer the middle of the frame.

    - When I turn a frame, I watch the corners and edges. I've had queens run to the side I just got done examining while I was rotating the frame.

    - I try not to use very much smoke since it sends the bees in all sorts of directions and makes it harder to spot the queen.

    - Even if I know that I had a marked queen, I look for un-marked queens as well since there's no guarantee that my original, store bought queen hasn't been replaced.

    - Sometimes, I place the examined frames in a different box very near the one I have open. That helps with the process.

    Sometimes I never find her. Most of the time, I see her when I'm looking for something else like condition of brood, etc.

    Hope this helps.
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    I start with the frames that have fresh eggs and work out from there. Most of the time she is near the eggs that she has just laid.
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    To find a queen, I look for the eggs and examine the open brood. All of a sudden, there she is and I wasn't even looking for her.


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