I went to my yard today to release a queen from a cage in a hive that I have been working with for a while now. This was a fairly week hive with 2 deeps and lots of stores but not much brood since it has been queenless for a while and the frames I added are just hatching. Today I noticed what appeared to be thousands of bees hanging on the hive and swarming all over the entrance. They also seem to be trying ot get inside every little crack they can find and are bunched up all over the hive. I know it is not the bees from that hive as there are not that many bees there but there is a lot of coming and going from the entrance. There were also nearly 100 or so bees on the ground around the hive. I did open the hive and it appears that some of the stores are gone in the top hive but a severe storm was hitting so I had to close it up before checking the bottom box. Is this possiblly robbing taking place and if so am I way too late to save them now that they are robbing so strongly. Any suggestion?